The FIRE Process

FIRE in the WorkplaceIf someone asked you how you are living out your faith at work…how would you answer?

Would you point to the Bible on your desk?

Would you tell stories of sharing Christ with your employees or co-workers?

Would you respond that business and religion don’t mix?

Or would you have to admit that you hadn’t given it much thought?

If you answered yes to the last question, you’re not alone. Many people struggle to understand what God expects of them in their jobs or businesses. We believe God does want us living our faith in the workplace, but we also know that doing so will require wisdom, courage, and a little FIRE.

Don’t panic, we’re not talking “fire and brimstone” here. We’re talking about Faith, Integrity, godly Relationships, and Excellence, four key components to honoring God in your workplace.

With our FIRE Process, you’ll evaluate each of these areas and receive instruction and encouragement to strengthen any that need work. With Rick’s years of experience and insight, you’ll be amazed at how powerful this process is.

FIRE Assessment

FIRE in the Workplace Assessment

Woman Using ComputerThe FIRE starts with you!

Faith. Integrity. Relationships. Excellence.

With our FIRE Assessment, you’ll evaluate each of these areas in your work life (either personally as an Employee or for your business as an Employer). Based on the results, you’ll then receive instruction and encouragement to strengthen the areas that need work. With Rick’s years of experience and insight, you’ll be amazed at how powerful this process is. If you desire to work and live with more integrity and faith, the FIRE Assessment Tool can help.

To get started, simply select the Assessment that best fits your situation. Once you hit Submit, your score will be calculated and sent to your email. It’s that simple.

Select Your Assessment

FIRE Covenant

FIRE in the Workplace Covenant

Pen Signing NameJust reading this page shows that you are serious about living and working according to God’s principles! And signing our FIRE Covenant simply means you desire to live and work in a way that honors Him.

What is the FIRE Covenant? It’s an agreement between you and God committing your work life to Him, and choosing to please Him in everything you do. By signing the FIRE Covenant, you are:

  • Surrendering your work, business, career goals, and your resources to God
  • Committing to dealing honestly and with integrity
  • Agreeing to treat others the way Jesus would-with respect, compassion, and love
  • Choosing to live, work, and serve with excellence, knowing what you do is ultimately for God’s glory and purposes

Yes! I want to add my name to the growing list of business people committing to walking with faith and integrity in the workplace.

Sign the FIRE Covenant

FIRE Covenant

FIRE Study

FIRE in the Workplace Group & Individual Study

Small Group

  • Are you fired up to make a difference in your workplace?
  • Do you want to have a positive impact on others?
  • Are you looking for others who feel the same?

Then a FIRE Study Group is the place for you! Using the FIRE in the Workplace study guide, FIRE study groups are designed to increase your understanding of the essential principles of Faith, Integrity, Relationships, and Excellence and how they are lived out in the workplace.

We have groups throughout the Kansas City area and other parts of the country.

Take your faith + work journey to the next level!

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