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Integrity Solutions delivers powerful training direct to your workplace providing solutions to help you implement biblical values, train your team, and resolve your most challenging issues.

Choose to have Rick share one of his compelling and relevant topics with your leaders or the entire team. Or schedule a personal consultation on your specific topics of concern. His professional experience, biblical insight, and refreshing candor can be a turning point on the way to building an ethical and faith-based culture.

Integrity Clinic

Integrity Clinic

The Integrity Clinic is a comprehensive resource for Christian business and ministry leaders looking for answers, encouragement and support.

As you know, living with integrity and faith in the workplace isn’t always easy! It takes focus, discipline, and accountability. The Integrity Clinic puts the information–and inspiration–you need to live it out at your fingertips. As you delve into the depths of knowledge and experience catalogued here, you will find helpful tips, real-life answers and powerful encouragement. It’s like having a 24/7 personal business coach who has the experience and wisdom to tell it like it is!

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Online Store

Online Store

FIRE in the Workplace Study

The goal of this study is to provide insightful teaching to those in the marketplace who wish to conduct themselves and their business with utmost integrity based on biblical principles.

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Consulting Services

Many leaders feel the tension between work and faith, especially in the marketplace. Ethical dilemmas and conflicts are common. You need to find real and workable solutions. Biblical answers that will lead you closer to God’s standards, not take you in the opposite direction.

Integrity Resource Center offers a fee-based consulting option designed to help organizations build an ethical and faith-based culture. Rick’s consulting services provide a defined framework that is flexible and allows for some customization of the content based on your needs.

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Speaking & Training

Speaking and Training

As a business leader, what does it really mean to walk—and work—with integrity? To succeed, will I have to sacrifice my beliefs? How can I live by God’s principles in a secular marketplace? These are questions most business leaders wrestle with.

Rick Boxx answers these questions and many others in his Integrity Solutions speaking series—powerful, engaging workshops that address common concerns today’s leaders face. His experience and personal stories will encourage, inspire, and train you to make the most of your career in a way that pleases and glorifies God. Invite Rick to speak to your company, organization, church, men’s ministry group, community or business group.

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