Unconventional Business Group Facilitator


Integrity Resource Center is looking for experienced small business owners who may be retired, semi-retired, or an existing business owner who has the capacity to lead a monthly Unconventional Business Group. They must have a passion for leading a business God’s way and desire to be part of helping others to do likewise.

We are looking for leaders who can facilitate a 3 to 3 ½ hour a month meeting with 5 to 10 business owners in the group. The target market for the groups are small business owners with 10 employees or less.

This is a volunteer position that will be facilitating a group of members who pay monthly dues to participate. Because of this we need a consistent and dedicated leader who can commit to a minimum of 12 months and be willing to invest 5 to 10 hours a month in total time for leading, prepping, and following up with the group.

Position summary: 

The Unconventional Business group facilitator (UBGF) is responsible for facilitating and leading a group of business owners and/or professionals in discussion and learning about the principles and practices of the book Unconventional Business.

This position requires an estimated 5-10 hours of preparation and facilitation time per month.

Essential Duties:

  • Read, study and understand the Unconventional Business model
  • Review and understand monthly lesson plans and prepare for facilitation of group discussion and learning
  • Review scripture that may relate to any particular lesson
  • Facilitate the group discussion through lecture, videos, small group breakouts etc.
  • Provide a safe learning environment by ensuring confidentiality of participant dialogue
  • Encourage transparency and refrain from judgement of participants comments
  • Maintain the group focus on the current lesson plan
  • Identify/recruit future program facilitators/group leaders


  • Effectively read and understand teaching material
  • Good organizational and facilitation skills
  • Ability to demonstrate grace
  • Ability to demonstrate independent judgement
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Ability to ask pertinent questions and facilitate open discussion


  • Ability to communicate with empathy, patience, grace and clarity.
  • Ability to remain calm when pressured and challenged by participants
  • Passion for “doing business” using biblically based principles


Required experience:
Previous or current business owner or business professional with 1-2 years of training, facilitation, public speaking or teaching experience in a business or secular environment. Must have familiarity and knowledge of the Bible.

To apply fill out this application and email to Rick Boxx at rboxx@integrityresource.org