Imagine the impact one million leaders doing business God’s way could have on their workplaces, their communities, and in our nation. We are well on our way towards our first milestone of training and equipping 100,000 of those leaders by 2018.

Your generous gift today can change lives and impact workplaces! Christians acting like Christians in their workplace can make a big difference, but they need encouragement, training, and resources.

•       We believe bringing your faith to work changes lives, businesses, and communities.

•       We believe that God’s Word is the best source of business wisdom available.

•       We believe that God has a plan for each person’s work beyond making money.

•       We believe that the best mission field is the workplace. (The average person spends at least 45% of their waking hours at work.)

If we can help over one million leaders learn and model God’s way of doing business, imagine the impact and the number of people attracted to Christ!

Please help us provide the necessary encouragement and tools these leaders need to model God’s way in their business or workplace by making your most generous gift today!

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