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Sprint to the Finish

Matt’s daughter is a gifted track athlete, excelling in the 100 meter dash. She also is successful in longer distance races, such as the cross country event. Matt was surprised when her coach recommended she give up competing in the longer races. Due to physiological reasons, the coach believed that in order for her to develop her true strength, the [...]

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Honor Your Vows

A banker I know says it’s been hard to convince his colleagues to embrace Christianity when they see churches who won’t honor their loan agreements. My friend’s experience has been that many churches are quick to renegotiate when interest rates decline, but they would never allow the bank to renegotiate when rates increase. Some churches teach integrity matters more than [...]

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Values – Based Business

Many Christian CEOs desire to influence their organization with God’s Word while being sensitive to the team members who may not embrace the Christian faith. One of the best ways to shape a culture is to focus on values. Since many of the values we commonly embrace come right out of the Bible, it’s a non-threatening way to communicate God’s [...]

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Small Businesses Beware

All new hires are important, but a small business jeopardizes their culture even more if someone makes a poor hiring decision. If you have twenty employees who have represented your organization well, hiring the wrong person will hurt, but it’s unlikely to devastate your culture. However, if you’re the only employee and you bring on someone new, they become 50% [...]

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A Word of Wisdom

One of the hardest things about interviewing job candidates is the relationships that develop and cloud your judgment. My friend, Joe, reminded me of this truth recently. Joe has helped hire thousands of employees, so I called him for help. When I shared with Joe about a possible employee I was considering, Joe said, “They’re not the right fit, Rick. [...]

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The Armor of God

It was the end of our first ever all-day conference, called Faith Incorporated. My wife, Kathy, and I were on a high. Then, author and radio personality, Chip Ingram pulled Kathy and I aside to say, “What just happened here today was incredible, but you two need to be prepared. The enemy is going to attack you.” Chip was right. [...]

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Building a Reputation

When I was six years old there lived a family nearby who had multiple kids known as “the terrors” of the neighborhood. Although there was likely a nice child in their family, due to the majority being so mean, my friends and I avoided the entire family. In business, when we allow the behaviors and attitudes of our people to [...]

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The Importance of Leisure

Friar Joe Mazzone, a Catholic pastor in Stoughton, Massachusetts, recently wrote, “We should have a good “work ethic,” yes, but we should also have a good “leisure ethic,” too, to find time to “get away and rest awhile.” He referenced Josef Pieper, a German Catholic philosopher, who once wrote a famous and influential essay titled “Leisure: The Basis of Culture.” [...]

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The Importance of a Leader

My eighth grade football team was led by Coach Hill. He drove each of us to do our very best, with excellence on the field being the ultimate goal. That year we finished the year undefeated and unscored upon. A year later, we had the same players, playing the same teams, but we barely won a single game. Our ninth [...]

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Building an Unethical Culture

At one of my first jobs, several of us were loading merchandise when a new employee named Bob jumped into action. He locked the manager in the bathroom, kicked open the shipping door and began loading his truck with new TVs and stereos! Then he drove off to sell his merchandise. Those of us watching were stunned! Even though the [...]

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