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The Human Factor

In 2009, the world fawned over Captain Sullenberger’s heroic plane landing in the Hudson River. Behind the scenes, however, the National Transportation Safety Board was building a case against him. In the movie, “Sully,” Sullenberger’s case seemed hopeless as we watch the pilots in a computer simulation land safely, without landing in the Hudson River. The tide turned, however, when [...]

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Building Trust – Truth

The final letter in our TRUST acronym is T for Truth. You can serve others, build a strong relationship, and even exceed expectations, yet undermine all the trust you’ve built by lying. Jesus only spoke Truth. Before committing to follow him, Peter and Andrew spent enough time with Jesus, that they knew whether or not He was a liar. The [...]

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Building Trust – Serve

The S in the TRUST acronym we’ve been exploring is for “Serve.” Serving others at their points of need requires that we be observant, then look for creative ways to serve. Peter and Andrew were professional fishermen who had fished all night without catching anything. Jesus realized they probably felt like they failed and were frustrated. Jesus served Peter in [...]

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Building Trust – Under Promise

To help build trust in your relationships we’re exploring the acronym TRUST. The U stands for “Under-Promise and Over-Perform.” We undermine trust when we make great promises, but never deliver. Likewise, when we exceed expectations trust is built. Jesus revealed the power of this concept in Luke 5:4. Speaking of Jesus it says, “When He had finished speaking, He said [...]

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Building Trust – Relationships

This week we’re talking about “Building Trust.” In the acronym TRUST the R stands for Relationships. A critical element in building trust with others, especially those you don’t know well, is to build a relationship. Jesus knew this. I doubt that Peter and Andrew would have been so quick to walk away from all their possessions to follow Jesus had [...]

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Building Trust – Testimonials

Building trust is critical in our relationships, and, in the world of commerce. Jesus modeled five building blocks of trust in the calling of his first disciples. These elements can be remembered by the acronym TRUST. The first T is for Testimonials. Jesus’ first encounter with Peter and Andrew was at the Jordan River. John the Baptist baptized Jesus, then, [...]

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Building Trust

America’s banking system collapsed in the 1930s due to a lack of one important element: Trust. Whether it’s your business or your personal reputation, when you violate the trust of others there will be consequences! Since our relationships and our entire system of commerce is rooted in trust, we’ll spend the next week identifying 5 building blocks of trust. Jesus [...]

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Generous with a Fault

Dan, an acquaintance of mine, loved giving away large sums of money, as long as he received credit for his generosity. Unfortunately, Dan acquired much of his wealth from deceptive business practices. In order to increase his profitability, and ultimately his generosity, Dan covered up the shoddy workmanship of his products with attractive packaging. Many of his customers suffered significant [...]

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Growing Sales Profitably

Warning sounds began to ring in my head as Billy shared about how he grew his sales to $5 million a year in only four years without any debt. Later, I discovered Billy grew his sales rapidly by pricing his products below his costs! Actually, Billy’s records were so poor he didn’t know his costs until my analysis was complete. [...]

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Overusing the Brake

The first time I ever rode a bike with handlebar brakes, I followed my friend down his steep driveway. I tried to brake by pedaling in reverse. When that didn’t work, I panicked and grabbed both handlebar brakes firmly. The bike stopped, but I didn’t! My body hurtled over the handlebars and into some rose bushes. Overuse of the brakes [...]

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