Pray God’s Word

In Acts 4 the believers may have asked themselves, “Should we be surprised that our own Jewish leaders in God’s Holy City are doing things against God.” They were surprised, but as they prayed from Psalms 2:1-6, they saw the situation through God’s eyes and realized God understood their predicament from the beginning of the world. Do you know it’s [...]

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When I Want to Run Away

I get tired at the effort it takes to build company culture. Sometimes I feel alone and overwhelmed with how much discipline and consistency it takes. If we ignore problems, we will compromise our values. If we don’t take care of the foundations, the storms will take us out, like in Proverbs 28:2 “when there is moral rot within a [...]

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Know Your Competition

My family went boating this summer. Due to lack of availability, we ended up using two different marinas to rent ski boats. The contrast between the two marinas was remarkable. Both marinas had friendly people and treated us well, but their business approaches were vastly different. The first marina had limited inventory and felt unprofessional. The marina adequately provided for [...]

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Team Focused Reviews

My friend, Bobby Albert, previously owned a moving company in Texas. Bobby originally held individual meetings with each department head to review their department’s progress, but became frustrated with the lack of results. So, Bobby began holding these meetings with all of his department heads present. Bobby discovered that when these department heads had their peers present, their competitive nature [...]

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Productive Workplaces

Proactive employers often discover value in caring for their employees through an improved culture, but a recent study reveals caring for employees can also have a tangible impact on productivity, as well! The Wall Street Journal referenced a study of workers who had participated in an employer-sponsored wellness program. Their study discovered that for those employees who used the program [...]

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A Debt- Free Journey

When my daughter, Megan, was in high school I challenged her to dream of finishing college debt-free! At first, this seemed impossible, but with Kathy and I encouraging her, Megan eventually realized that trusting God and working hard made a debt-free education possible. With God’s blessing and Megan’s hard work, our daughter graduated from graduate school in 2012 - debt [...]

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Creative Financing

A business owner called for counsel. He had built his machine tooling business without debt, but had recently landed a contract with a major corporation. The contract was for $500,000, but to complete it, he needed $250,000 for equipment. He felt he had no option but to borrow the money. He and I discussed options, and prayed together. Then I [...]

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Faith and Action

Faith and Action Years ago, I launched a consulting practice and determined to build it without debt. I believed that God could provide all the necessary business funds if I trusted Him. Eventually, we experienced a lean season. During a weak moment, I established a home equity line of credit “just in case.” That line of credit became a huge [...]

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True Freedom

As a banker, several customers wanted me to loan money to their friends. Originally, I made some of those loans… provided that my original customer guaranteed the debt. Many borrowers defaulted, requiring me to collect the loans from unhappy customers. Eventually, I refused these kinds of loans. They were too risky for our customer and for the bank. Proverbs 6 [...]

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Perils of Debt

Mark had a $3,600 credit card bill that was turned over to a collection agency. Mark feared calling the collector due to their ruthless reputation. His mind raced with worries of the bank seizing his business. After listening, I realized Mark needed some reality and hope. We developed a plan for debt repayment. Then I urged Mark to stop worrying [...]

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