Divided Interests

In the movie, “The Founder,” Ray Kroc began selling franchises to his wealthy country club friends. He quickly discovered that their restaurants were dirty and weren’t following the company guidelines. As passive investors, these franchisees had divided interests and didn’t see the importance of staying focused on the guidelines spelled out by the McDonald brothers. Ray Kroc quickly pivoted to [...]

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Deceitful Lips

Kathy and I watched “The Founder,” which detailed how Ray Kroc cheated and deceived the McDonald brothers multiple times. Eventually, Kroc pressured the McDonald brothers to sell all of McDonald’s rights for over $2 million plus 1% of future royalties. At the closing, however, the royalties had been written out of the contract. In a gutsy move Ray Kroc sticks [...]

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The Ruthless Founder

My perceptions of Ray Kroc were changed by the movie, “The Founder.” His ruthless pursuit of fame and power climaxed in a scene where Kroc is talking to Mac McDonald on the phone. Ray Kroc was forcing the McDonald brothers out of the business they founded. In this telephone conversation Kroc says to Mac McDonald, “If my competitor was drowning, [...]

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Hearing from God Part IV

This week we’re using the acronym HEAR to talk about four ways to actively hear from God. The R stands for Responding to Your Circumstances. Years ago, we hosted annual conferences. While considering plans for the following year’s conference, I prayed, but I didn’t listen well. Then some people counseled me to try something new. But I wasn’t listening to [...]

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Hearing from God Part III

This week we’re using the acronym HEAR to talk about four ways to hear from God. The A stands for Accepting Wise Counsel. Providing business counsel is part of our ministry. Interestingly, many counseling calls come from women who are having trouble getting their husbands to listen to God or, to them about their business. Many pressure their husbands to [...]

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Hearing from God Part II

This week we’re using the acronym HEAR to talk about four ways to hear from God. The E stands for Engage in God’s Word. God’s Word is our operating manual for our work and our life. The Holy Spirit may speak individual insights to you at times, but God’s Word will teach you time-tested principles that can be applied to [...]

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Hearing from God Part I

This week we’re using the acronym HEAR to talk about four ways to hear from God. The H stands for Holy Spirit. God desires a two-way communication with His children. It’s easy to spend my prayer time on my requests, but harder to be still and listen to the Holy Spirit. Many articles I have written have come from my [...]

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Hearing God

Imagine being selected to manage a wireless phone store. The first week you leave your boss a voice mail with some concerns. But, when your boss responds you never listen to his voice mail! The next week you leave another voice mail. This time your boss mails you the operating manual, but you never read it! The third week you [...]

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St. Patrick’s Real Legacy

According to Wikipedia, St. Patrick’s Day originally celebrated the priest who returned to Ireland in 432 AD to bring Christianity to his homeland. Ireland had been a polytheistic culture.   One way Patrick introduced them to Christ was by using the 3 leaved shamrock to describe the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. He made a difference by communicating in cultural [...]

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Sowing Peace

Many immigrants came here looking for a job and a better opportunity for their family. This places the workplace at the center of the highly-charged immigration controversy. Businesses, however, desire good employees at a fair wage, without controversy. They prefer peace. Immigration is one of those problems where you can use the Bible to highlight the need for justice, and/or [...]

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