A Public Relations Expert

Jesus would have made a great public relations expert. He informed His disciples that He was about to die after being their leader for three years. Furthermore, he warned them that they would experience much persecution. Yet, with this bad news, Jesus communicated it from the positive view that He knew to be true. In John 16:7 Jesus said, “But [...]

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Building Community

As the time approached for the day long prayer retreat, I started having second thoughts. There were so many important things that needed done. Also, as an introvert, I relish my quiet time with God, but corporate prayer is more of a struggle. Despite my reluctance, I went, and left grateful. The time of prayer was sweet, but the added [...]

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Unhealthy Competitors

On April 11, 1945, a Kamikaze pilot attacked the U.S.S. Missouri battleship. Although the pilot succeeded in reaching the target, he failed in his mission, the only casualty was the pilot himself. The crew was about to drop the pilot’s body into the ocean, along with his shattered plane, when Captain Callaghan stopped them. He told his men that this [...]

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Keep Learning

When our family got together with Uncle Bert’s, we often played “Password.” When Uncle Bert and I paired-up, no one could beat us! Once Uncle Bert said, “Now, Flip, I want you to pay close attention. The word is poetry.” I said, “Prose.” “Hey, that’s it!” That was the word! I had learned it in school only the week before. [...]

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Complete the Work

Some people fight for positions. They want to stand on a pedestal above their peers for various reasons, such as pride, power, feeling insulated, or the illusion of job security. God wants existing leaders to appoint elders, leaders, shepherds, coaches, and mentors in every city and organization. These people are designated by their peers and senior leaders to guide others [...]

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Hats off to the Holy Spirit

Jaime worked for a financial firm that held an annual golf tournament. The day before the event, one of the client teams called and said they felt apprehensive about playing because their fourth team member had recently passed away. Her supervisor asked her to find a comforting gift for the team. In a time-crunch, she prayed and asked the Holy [...]

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Sharing the Gospel

While on vacation, Jaime boarded a plane only to notice that a woman sitting across the aisle looked familiar. She happened to be a client of the financial firm where Jaime worked. The client was on the way to see her brother who was close to dying from cancer. Jaime wanted to comfort her with scripture, but was afraid it [...]

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The Pendulum Swings Back

In the late 1990s, due to many corporate scandals, there became a push towards company boards being led primarily by independent directors. A recent study, however, referenced in Forbes magazine, discovered that the focus on independent boards has been overdone. The Wall Street Journal reports that of the 1,500 Standard & Poor’s company boards, the numbers have grown to 50% [...]

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The 5 Ps of Work Part V

This week we’re discussing 5 Ps of the importance of our work. The final P stands for Providing Order. We serve a God of order, not chaos. God took a dark formless world and put order to it. God provided order to the days and seasons, allowing us to better manage our time. In Genesis 1, we read, “Then God [...]

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The 5 Ps of Work Part IV

This week we’re discussing 5 Ps of the importance of our work. Today I want to discuss, Pleasing to the Eyes. When I was a banker, I financed a new pristine golf course. When the course was completed, I played the 2nd round of golf ever played on that course! As I stood on the impeccably manicured fairway, nestled in [...]

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