Stock Market Gains

Years ago, Matt told me he wanted to make a year-end gift to Integrity Resource Center, but he needed to sell some stock first. I asked Matt if the stock had increased enough to be taxable. When he replied, “Yes,” I urged Matt not to sell the stock, but instead to donate it directly to the ministry. This strategy allowed [...]

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Don’t Push Yourself to the Front

Have you ever forced yourself to the front only to be pushed to the back? I wonder how many people in the front were invited and how many pushed their way up? We’re wired to want to be seen. After all, if we spend a lifetime struggling, shouldn’t we expect a position, a trophy, or our story in the news? [...]

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A Dying Dream

Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, had a dream that died when Veggie Tales was forced into bankruptcy. As Phil’s dreams disintegrated, the story of the Shunamite woman in 2 Kings provided Phil some answers. The prophet Elisha repaid a Shunamite woman’s kindness by asking God to give her a son. Later the son died, as did the woman’s dream [...]

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Praying and Trusting

Bruce was meeting with Terry, whom he had not seen since Terry had launched a new business. When Bruce asked Terry how the new business was going, Terry quietly said, “It didn’t make it.” Bruce was crushed! “What are you going to do?” he asked. Terry said, “I’m going to pray and trust God for what’s next.” In that moment, [...]

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I’m the Taxman

After being baptized by John the Baptist many wanted to know what was expected of them after their repentance. First, John gave them general directions about being generous and loving to others. But some knew that if this new life John taught about was real, then they needed deeper instructions on applying their faith to their work. In Luke 3 [...]

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Time is Money

Cary Summers, President of the Museum of the Bible located in Washington D.C., shared about the remarkable journey his team had in taking a 430,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse and converting it into the 3rd largest museum in the city. Rather than use standard protocols with a hired contractor, they asked the contractor to assemble crews to work 24 hours [...]

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The Sexual Backlash

The revelation of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual escapades brought a cavalcade of victims coming forward. I’m thankful that women and men who have been victimized now have the opportunity for justice, however, there will likely also be those who view this as an opportunity to make false accusations. Mike Pence took some heat for his practice of avoiding being alone with [...]

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Mission vs. Relationships

An acquaintance of mine was reportedly so focused on the mission of helping orphans that when someone new would call for an appointment he would say, “If this meeting won’t somehow help an orphan, I really don’t have time to meet.” Having clarity of what your mission is, and sticking to it, is the best way towards success. However, we [...]

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Praise of Men

The praise of men can be a dangerous trap. When others are singing your praises, it’s easy to soak up the praise and start believing your own press. But as followers of Jesus, we are called to give God the glory, because our talents and resources came from Him. In Acts 12, King Herod was addressing a crowd when they [...]

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Fighting Consumerism

On Thanksgiving Day, the race for buying Christmas presents began. Black Friday amplified the season, Small Business Saturday tried to grab their fair share and Cyber Monday took it online. In addition to the Christmas buying season, there’s another important season: the Year End Giving season. Today is officially Giving Tuesday, but a John Templeton Foundation survey in 2015 discovered [...]

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