Do a Motive Inventory

Do a Motive Inventory After several years of unhappy marriage, Gina and I realized we married for many wrong reasons. Instead of ending our marriage, we turned to God, whom we believed had a higher purpose for our marriage. In time, our marriage healed and became healthy. I meet people who insist God told them to make some business decision. [...]

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The Perils of Pursuing Money

Daniel shared with me that he once worked for IBM and was impressed with their three core values used to shape their culture. Daniel later went to work for an Ivy League school’s foundation. During a planning session for the foundation, Daniel asked the CEO about what values the organization held to help shape their culture. Remarkably, the CEO had [...]

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Worldwide Connections

Doug is a local pastor who emailed me recently from Asia. Doug said that he was on a mission trip when he was invited to a businessmen’s bible study. Remarkably, the bible study lesson used that day was written by me!  Doug marveled at God’s ways. He was amused that he had to go around the world to be reminded [...]

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Dream Big

Toby Rush, CEO of Eyeverify, recently shared about dreaming big at an event I attended. Toby has successfully launched and sold two technology companies that created innovative technology far beyond what most people could imagine possible. Toby made a statement that reminded me of the importance of remembering that God is the ultimate Creator, and our creativity is a gift [...]

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Strong Words

A Silicon Valley venture capitalist recently asked me how a CEO, in a spiritually dark community like Silicon Valley, could apply biblical principles to business when so many are offended by the Christian faith. Many Christians would love an easy way to make a difference without offending anyone. Although we need to treat others with respect, leaders also need to [...]

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It’s Better to Be Open

When you sin – whether anyone sees it or not – damage is done to yourself and all of creation. Also, the good you do brings goodness, regardless of who sees. Everything we do receives punishment or reward. Whether someone knows about it, isn’t relevant. If you plant an evil seed, evil will grow. What if you didn’t know it [...]

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Entering the Workplace

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 3 million students will graduate from college this year. As they enter the workplace, many do not yet know that God has a purpose and a plan for their work beyond just making money. That is unfortunate, because the workplace can be a stern taskmaster. Without a sense of calling, it’s [...]

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Sustainability-Part II

Sustainability is a hot topic with many nonprofits. Some ministries are 100% dependent upon donations while others have their revenue coming predominantly from fee income. God may want some to cling to Him, making them donation dependent, while others, like my friends at Kingdom Advisors, who also rely on God, depend on fee income. Kingdom Advisors once tried a donation-only [...]

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Sustainability- Part I

Sustainability is a hot topic in many nonprofit board rooms. A donation-only model doesn’t seem sustainable to many business leaders who serve on nonprofit boards. It’s their nature to look for ways to help increase profits in the nonprofit world. But is that always God’s preference? In Luke 10, Jesus commissioned 36 new “nonprofits” when he sent his 72 disciples [...]

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A Baby Step

Phil shared with me that the first time we met to talk about implementing biblical principles into his business, he was scared. He feared being criticized or sued by his employees. There are baby steps you can take while you move towards being bolder with your faith. One baby step is to develop core values for your team. Most corporate [...]

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